Image Galleries

Gallery 1
Gallery One
Water colour pictures with tema "THE NORDIC NATURE AND IT´S ANIMAL LIFE ". Some of them are from The Exhibition at the Scandinavian Culture Center in Cairo, Egypt.
1-6 measures 40x50 cm. 7-12 different sizes.

Gallery 2

Gallery Two
In this gallery I show ten water colour paintings which are made for the poem "Ales stenar" by the Swedish poet Anders Österling from "Tonen från havet 1933". Last picture is a viking painting, illustrating the possible time of Ales stenar.
Measures 30x40 cm.

Gallery 3

Gallery Three
Women in motion.
1-3 measures 40x50 cm. 4-6 measures 30x40 cm

Gallery 4

Gallery Four
The first picture is called "Hommage a Chihuly" an American glas artist well known all over the world. Different measures of the paintings.
Gallery four is under construction.

Shows all of the paintings from gallery 1-4

Kicki Hankell discovering the Sik in Petra, Jordan